Adventuring With Pride: Hardback Edition


The Hardback Edition for the Kickstarter-funded LGBT supplement for 5E is here!

Adventuring with Pride contains:

  • Four wonderful adventures based around Vicki Mockery, Mirabelle Croft, and Mika Stone!
  • Lots of fun magic and mundane items!
  • DM tools including several LGBT themed encounters!
  • New Pride-themed backgrounds and subclasses!
  • Custom character sheets to get people started!

For more information, visit the kickstarter page:

50% of all proceeds go towards the LGBT charity:

  • Stonewall, which campaigns for LGBT rights and liberties across the world.


Now shipping to the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

About the player characters:

Adventuring with Pride features three player characters. They can be used to play through the adventures and Adventuring with Pride comes with custom character sheets to make this easy.

Vicki Mockery is a half-orc drag queen. If the eight-foot frame didn’t terrify their foes enough, the two-handed battleaxe should do the trick.

Mika Stone is a dwarven druid. His skills as a bartender are matched only by his fondness for bear form.

Mirabelle Crowe is an elven paladin. She has a kind heart with a burning resentment for her noble upbringing.

About the adventures:

Three of the adventures are set up as one-shots. They may be run over more than one session but we recommend a single sitting. The adventure guides are detailed and fully illustrated, with maps and GM notes throughout. The adventures have a natural flow, but they can be played in any order!

Adventure One: The Enchanted Woods sees Mika, Bear and Vicki escape from the Enchanted Woods, a bar under the thumb of someone hell-bent on fame and glory. This adventure features LGBT culture heavily, with plenty of combat and social interactions alike.

In Adventure Two: Springtime Festival, the trio head to the city of Passwall. But with the heavenly Prince’s arrival for a local festival, something is bound to go wrong… This is a two-part adventure which is mostly socially driven.

In Adventure Three: High Stakes, our heroes head to the casino island of Isla Fortuna! When they are alerted to signs of a conspiracy, the call to adventure draws them in. This adventure features light LGBT themes and is the most light-hearted of the adventures in the book.

In Adventure Four: A Sticky Situation, a damsel is in distress and our heroes must help! But Betsy is no ordinary damsel… This adventure is the most “traditional” campaign featured in Adventuring with Pride and is suitable for a wide audience!

All the adventures are designed around 3 players, though more or fewer can be used if necessary. 

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