Adventuring with Pride: Queer we go Again! Digital Edition


The second instalment in the Kickstarter-funded LGBT 5E supplement series is now here!

Adventuring with Pride: Queer we go Again! contains:

    • Four wonderful adventures based around Kidd LaChance, Xander Silverleaf, and Missy Fitz!
    • Lots of fun magic and mundane items!
    • DM tools including several LGBT themed encounters!
    • New Pride-themed backgrounds and subclasses!
    • Custom character sheets to get people started!

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About the player characters:

Adventuring with Pride: Queer We Go Again! features three player characters. They can be used to play through the adventures and Queer We Go Again comes with custom character sheets to make this easy.

  • Kidd LaChance: A rebel without a cause, Kidd Lachance is a tiefling fighter with a passion that burns hotter than his infernal roots
  • Xander Silverleaf: An Academy dropout with a heart of gold… and coffee. Xander is an elven wizard of the newly formed School of the Barista
  • Missy Fitz: A gnome who sold her soul for fame. Missy is a warlock on a quest for glory and views…  She seeks to Influence her Patron into giving her unimaginable eldritch power.

About the adventures:

The four one-shot adventures follow the story of Yelena and Elfie, who seek to earn the approval of their forebears and live the life they deserve together. The party will need to fight off evil schemes, dastardly plots… and a whole heap of bad guys!

  • In My Faire Lady, Adventurers’ Academy alumni Kidd, Missy and Xander find themselves cordially invited to a tournament hosted by Orc Lord Murbak. But trouble is afoot – will they be able to foil a nefarious plot to claim victory by any means necessary?
  • In Save the Date!, our intrepid adventurers must fight off the elements themselves in order to give Yelena and Elfie the wedding they’ve always dreamed of.  But can they discover the cause of the calamity, before it’s too late?
  • In Murder on the S.S. Luxbottom, a murder mystery party aboard a luxury cruise liner goes awry. But our guests find themselves embroiled in a deeper mystery that threatens everybody on board.
  • In Last Resort, the party are headed off to a luxury spa resort in the exotic Flaming Isles. But never mind massages and saunas – evil forces are trying to land them in hot water!

All the adventures are designed around 3 players at level 3, though they can be rebalanced around more or fewer players at any level.