Pre-Order: Tales of the Honkpocalypse – A Goose Themed One-Shot Adventure – Wiro-Bound


Pre-Order the Goose-Based 5E Adventure by Jack Dixon!

It started with stolen bread and broken pots, but a long-forgotten feathered foe is set to return. Can our heroes defend the idyllic town of Stafford-on-Gander from the mighty Goose Hydra that threatens to reclaim the world?


Tales of the Honkpocalypse contains:
  • A complete one-shot adventure for 5E, suitable for 2-5 players plus a GM!
  • Beautiful illustrations from talented artists
  • Full-colour town and battle maps
  • Magic items and a new Goosefolk race to help bring a little chaos to your own adventure!
  • … And much more!

Target delivery date: June 2024
Please be advised that this is a target only and is subject to change due to production delays or other factors.

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