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Pre-Order the Goose-Based TTRPG Adventure by Jack Dixon!

One HONK Before Midnight is a new adventure, set in the idyllic town of Stafford-On-Gander. It’s built in its very own system – the H.O.N.K. system – perfectly suited to the brand of chaos that only a true goose can invoke.


One HONK Before Midnight contains:
  • brand new TTRPG system, the H.O.N.K. System.
  • A 20+ adventure for your chosen gaggle to bring about the Honk-pocalypse!
  • Detailed battle maps.
  • A bunch of assorted tools.
  • … And much more!

Target delivery date: May 2024
Please be advised that this is a target only and is subject to change due to production delays or other factors.

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