Winterfest – A Festive One-Shot Adventure


The Most Wonderful CRIME of the Year!

The idyllic village of Thornley is the home of the most wonderful wintertime celebration: Winterfest! But the spirit of the season is threatened when clockwork toys come to life with a mission of mischief! Can our heroes save the village folk from the machinations of the evil Nicodemus?

This supplement contains:
  • A one-shot adventure suitable for one to five players of any level (though currently balanced around level three)!
  • Role-playing and pacing guidance for the GM to help them run the festive session!
  • Frost faire stalls and activities to take part in!
  • Over a dozen mundane and magical items to bring a little winter’s cheer to your table!

This supplement is digital and will be available for download as a PDF immediately after purchase. You will receive a personalised download link. The link will also be available in the “My account” section of this website, and sent to you by email.


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